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Re: [StrongED] New Line type

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> One variation that is not included in the New Line types is   LF OR CR
> I get an RSS feed which uses either so I would find this of use. Would
> anyone else? Is it worth implemeting?

This is something I've looked at many years ago albeit for a different
reason, namely to distinguish between newlines inserted by the user vs
newlines inserted by the hardwrap code.

At the time it seemed impractical to do this but it may be good to have
another look at it as some of the code involved has been changed quite a
lot to provide support for outline fonts and more bitmap font sizes.

It won't be an easy change though as lots of code checks for end-of-line
and that would all need to be adjusted to cope with LF OR CR. I'll have
a look but no promises.


StrongED Developer

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