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[StrongED] modefile adding to menu; comment markers

I've been experimenting with a StrongEd modefile for handling HTML. 
Apparently certain lines in the modefile add items to the menu that 
you see when editing an HTML file -- nifty.

Haven't yet figured out whether it's possible to assign a keystroke to 
one of those menu operations.  How?  And, if so, is it possible to 
make the chosen key shortcut show on the menu?  (because I know in a 
few months I'll have forgotten which key to use).

The menu option to put comment markers around a chunk of HTML text has 
proved very useful.   <!-- chunkchunk -->

However, would it be possible to achieve a tidier result when dealing 
with a chunk consisting of many lines instead of just a single line?  
The current routine puts <!-- and --> at the beginning and end of 
every line separately.

Jim Nagel                             www.archivemag.co.uk
|| See you at the show?   www.riscos-swshow.co.uk   Feb 24

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