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Re: [StrongED] modes database and 4.70

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          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This might be a dumb question, but I don't see anything to make it 
> clear in the modes database.
> The extra modes available from the StrongEd site (Download > test 
> release > Modes database) -- are they compatible with StrongEd 4.70 
> without manual tweaking?  ISTR there was something we had to do about 
> CtrlTab in existing mode files when 4.70 first arrived.

Manual tweaking is still required. Changes that need to be made to stop
StrongED complaining are:

 - Change the bitmap font style from 'CtrlTab' to 'Regular' where
   present. Note that this should to be done in both Defaults _and_

 - Bitmap font names need to be changed from 'font' to 'WxH.font' where
   W is the width and H the height of the font in pixels.

Other changes that have been mode to the Mode Choices is the addition of
the Checks section. The options for 'Refresh texts' are not present in
the Choices files provided. This is not a problem though as StrongED
will use the default values for these.

The Colours files also have been changed. The number of syntax colour
groups has been increased to 32. Again, if missing default values will
be used.

> At the moment I'm on the hunt for a CSS mode.  Maybe all I really need
> is for the CSS comment markers -- which are /* to begin and */ to end 
> -- to be added to the mode for HTML to make comments visible in CSS 
> files too.

There are two CSS modes that I'm aware of. One by Andrew Hodgkinson
( https://pond.org.uk/stronged/ ) and another by Chris Terran for which
I couldn't find a downloadable copy.


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