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[StrongED] Re: Bouncing messages

In article <f232adc556.pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Peter Young <pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Should I be worried? What does the 2829 mean?

Yes - there has indeed been a problem on the server. It seems that another
Arachsys customer had a password stolen and that resulted in Arachsys
being used to relay spam, so it got blacklisted.

Chris, who runs Arachsys, was quick of the mark and the blacklisting was
quickly removed.

But some ISPs won't accept any email with a Spamcop RBL listing. These get
bounced back.

The mailinglist manager software sends out bounce probes in response,
listing the bounced messages. Once the problem clears you receive the
message you have reported.

2829 is the number of the bounced message.
2828 also was bounced by some people.

You can retrieve the missed message by:

Message numbers
If you look at the headers of any list message, at the top you will find,
for instance

Return-path: <StrongED+bounces-2828-lists=torrens.org@xxxxxxxxxxx>

This shows the message number.

Hope that's all clear. If not, please ask.

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