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Re: [StrongED] Taskwindow alias

In message <56c3e9df2bronanon@xxxxxxxx>
          Ron <ronanon@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I thought I might be able to temporarily bypass the StrongEd  Taskwindow in
> favour of Edit by using 
> %Taskwindow "..."  
> or 
> unset alias$taskwindow
> but I still have to quit StrongEd from the the iconbar.

Communication with Taskwindows is via Wimp messages which means running
applications will be given first shot. If there's no response from a
running application then the alias is used.

> Maybe there is a way to explicitly run Edit's taskwindow?

Have you tried pointing the alias at Edit and turning Taskwindow support
in StrongED off (Global choices -> Respond to -> Taskwindow requests) ?


StrongED Developer

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