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[StrongED] Updated Swipe anyone?

Hi All,

The past few days I've been working on Swipe to get it to work under
RISC OS 5 (something I've been planning to do for years).

Swipe allows you to grab text from icons and titlebars (there are other
applications that can do that including StrongED) but also filenames in
Filer windows and basically anything that uses outline fonts.

More Information here: http://astubbs.drobe.co.uk/swipe.html

Good news is that I got it to work on RO 5 but there a number of other
things I want to change. Before doing so I'd like to know if there is
any interest in an updated Swipe.

If people are interested then I'll update Swipe further and get in touch
with Andrew Stubbs to see if he has any objections to a new release.


StrongED Developer

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