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[StrongED] Cursor and view positionning on line generating error in BasASM mode

Silly question probably, but as I use SE to program ARM within BASIC,
what should I do to have the window and the cursor positioned where the line
of my error is (when assembling, that is RUNning the BASIC program).
So far what I was using was 
LOAD my prog
run it
note the line where the error is reported
quit BASIC
parse my listing in stronged and find the line number

​I'd like to save some time now.

Thanks for your help.

Xavier aka Zarchos

Btw if you want to see SE on YT, it is on my YT channel

A pity I do not fully master it as I'd do a video to upload it.
To the maintainer : why not making tutorial videos and upload them to YT ?
Not only it is easy, it wouls help, and it would help promote RISC OS.

​Thanks for your amazing work.
Highly appreciated.​

Xavier Louis TARDY
Mél  : xltardy@xxxxxxxxx (Mode de correspondance préféré)
Téléphone   : 06 12 43 24 46