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[StrongED] Apology

Please do *NOT* send a reply to this message to the mailing
list. It's not even necessary to send a private reply to me.

I need to apologise to everyone affected by the flood of
'test' e-mails which I'm responsible for causing.

I made a mistake when sending out the original test
message. To save time, I adjust clicked on a few of the
mailing lists in Pluto's drop-down menu to save having to
re-compose the message for *every* list.

When I saw that some of my replies were apparently being
cross-posted to other lists, I wrongly assumed Pluto was
having a melt-down. Only later did I realise it was all my
fault because the multiple addresses in the To line were
present in the replies.

As I write this, I can see that there are a number of
e-mails in some of the lists to which I haven't replied.
Unless someone raises an issue which needs addressing, I'll
ignore those e-mails. If I need to respond, I'll send a
private e-mail. I suggest that you just delete all the
e-mails I've sent or caused to be sent.

I'm very sorry, and not a little embarrassed, to have
caused such unnecessary confusion and aggravation.


John McCartney

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