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Re: [StrongED] Re: S & R query

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          Alan Adams <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > The current definition of white Space certainly is not unusual - it is
> > the html default. So StrongED is not out of step.
> The confusing part is the definition - '\t\x0A' expanding to be space,
> tab, newline, carriage return and others. \x0A ia specifically one 
> character, so the rest must be the expansion of \t. In which case, 
> what is the key for tab?

'\t\x0A ' is not the definition of White. It's just the equivalent set,
albeit an incomplete one as recently discovered. The correct set that it
corresponds with is: '\x09-\x0D\x20\xA0'

Note that other equivalance sets in the manual are not complete either.
However that's done on purpose as some sets are large. Alpha for example
matches not only 'A-Za-z' but also all accented characters.

StrongED uses the TerritoryManager's character property tables for its
predefined sets. To see which characters are in a particular set you can
use this BASIC program:

  REM Property code     |  StrongED
  REM ------------------------------
  REM 0 = Control code  |  Ctrl
  REM 1 = Uppercase     |  Upper
  REM 2 = Lowercase     |  Lower
  REM 3 = Alphabetic    |  Alpha
  REM 4 = Punctuation   |  Punct
  REM 5 = White space   |  White
  REM 6 = Digit         |  Digit
  REM 7 = Hex digit     |  Hex
  property% = 0 :REM set to 0-7 according to above table
  SYS "Territory_CharacterPropertyTable",-1,property% TO table%
  FOR c% = 0 TO 255
    byte% = c% DIV 8 : bit% = 1<<(c% MOD 8)
    IF (table%?byte%) AND bit% > 0 THEN PRINT c%
  NEXT c%


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