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Re: [StrongED] S & R query

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          Alan Adams <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Is there a way to use Search and Replace to replace two or more lines 
> of text with one different line?
> If so, can part of one of the original lines be included in the 
> replacement line?
> The example I want to do is:
> Original text is
> K%=FNwritebuf(A$,1)
> IF K%>0 THEN PROCwarn("Could not send all data: "+STR$ K%+" bytes not 
> sent")
> The replacement should be
> PROCsendmessage(A$,1)
> Where the A4 and 1 need to be copied from original to replacement, as 
> they could be, for example (b$,client%)

The following expressions should do the trick. The search expression may
need some work depending on the exact lines to match, I've assumed that
it always starts with "K%="

  Search: < "K%=FNwritebuf(" @1 * ")" @2 * $ * >
  Replace: "PROCsendmessage(" @12


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