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Re: [StrongED] Re: Inserting snippets

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          Tim Hill <tim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> The concept exists in lots of text editors... under different names.
>> It's simply that when editing a set of files there may be a set of
>> small bits of text that you very often want to insert into that sort of
>> file.

> [Snip]

> And, of course, there are programs independent of editors that can insert
> specialist 'snippets', such as HTML³.

StrogMen can be used to do this with the #type command. The snippet 
identifiers appear in the StrongMen menu. It is useful, but it has 
limitations. For example it is not good for inserting html tags. In 
the example below I had to put a space after the less-than to make it 
accept the string "< blockquote>"

Egs from StrongMen menu

JR insert text:
  ABCdef123etc           #type ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdef..
  Brown Fox              #type The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over a..
  abortondata            #type internal error: abort on data tr..
  blockquote             #type < blockquote>
  Gaydon Magazine        #type Gaydon Magazine 2017
  IP addr                #type 192.168.1.
  jriscman@              #type jriscman@xxxxxxxxx
  line of ====           #type ================================..
  MUG list mail          #type http://danceswithferrets.org/mai..
  rickman@a              #type rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  RISC OS version        #type RISC OS 5.23
  StrongED version       #type StrongED 4.70a12 (23-Apr-2017)
  StrongED$Wrap128       #type StrongED$Wrapwidth = 128
  Website JR nolink2     #type <a href="http://rickman.orpheusw..
  Website JR             #type http://rickman.orpheusweb.co.uk
  Website Parish Council #type http://www.gaydon.org.uk/pcounci..
  *reportclear           #type *ReportClear
  *reporttrace on list   #type *reporttrace on list
  *reporttrace off       #type *reporttrace off

John Rickman

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