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Re: [StrongED] Re: MiniTime on ARMX6

On 23 Dec, Peter Young wrote in message

> That's interesting! I don't have that !UnplugToolbox file anywhere in
> !Boot. However in $.!Boot.RO500Hook.Res.!Configure.!Run I find:
> RMEnsure Toolbox 1.36 RMLoad System:Modules.Toolbox.Toolbox RMEnsure
> Toolbox 1.36 Error You need Toolbox 1.36 or later to run Configure
> Showing my ignorance again, should I replace this 1.36 with 1.53, though
> that doesn't seem right to me? I certainly can't find 1.36 anywhere in
> !Boot.

No, don't. IIRC, the RO***Hook directories aren't used by the boot process,
beyond getting things set up the first time that you use the machine. There
are also several directories, with content applicable to different vintages
of system.

The 1.36 will be checking for a bare minimum version required: it will load
whatever version is in the appropriate Modules.Toolbox folder and then error
if it's too old. It doesn't demand that it must be exactly 1.36.

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England


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