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Re: [StrongED] Re: MiniTime on ARMX6

Peter Young, on 22 Dec, wrote:

> On 22 Dec 2016  Chris Johnson <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > In article <0ae781f255.pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> >    Peter Young <pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Module is: Toolbox         1.52 (17 Jan 2003)
> > That seems an old version - is it ARMv7 compatible?
> No idea, but no other app has complained. Transient, which is always
> running needs, Toolbox. So presumably it is!
> > My ARMX6 has Toolbox v. 1.57 (18 Jun 2016) in ROM. Why are you using an
> > old version?
> Short answer: no idea! An extract of Verma's output is:
> 105   -       Dormant    Toolbox    1.57
>   -     98    Loaded     Toolbox    1.52 (17 Jan 2003)
> but I have no idea why this should have happened.
> [big snip]
> I've been enlisting the help of TextSeek, and have found a directory in
> $.Apps.Bak, no idea how it got there. It contains one Obey file which
> says:
> BootRun BootResources:Configure.!UnplugTbox.Resources.UnplugTbox
> but there's no sign of a directory called !UnplugTbox in
> Boot.Resources.Configure. Is it likely that this Obey file would be run
> during start-up? And can I delete it without fear of dreadful
> consequences? If so, I think the problem is solved. What I don't
> understand is how that directory and file got there. I must have put it
> there, but I have no memory of doing so, and can't think of a reason why I
> should have done.

Is this the problem http://appbasic.jettons.co.uk/downloads/unplug.zip

Is there an Toolbox tool in the Configuration window, from double clicking
on !Boot.

*show boot* will show all the entries for BootResources:, RO500Hook would be
the place to look.

There should be no UnPlugTbox anywhere on a ROOL system and that obsolete
ToolBox module needs to be found and kicked off along with any other such
obsolete toolbox modules.

David Pitt

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