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[StrongED] Re: search mystery -- alpha vs anychar

Fred Graute  wrote on 22 Dec:
> Correct, an unchecked {.} will consume all remaining characters on a
> line. An alternative expression to do the same is: * >

> The trick here is to make sure that the character you're trying to
> match is excluded: \n\n {~":" .}+ ":"

> The {~":" .}+ will match any character that isn't a ":" or a newline.
> The following ":" is there to check that we stopped at a ":" and not a
> newline.

Ah, OK.  Subtle difference between {.}+ and good old * but I guess it 
is not so subtle with hindsight and having read the helpfile about {.} 
and had explifications from gurus on this list!

So just plain

     \n\n * ":" \n

is all I needed; none of those other fancy (predefined sets} at all.  
Probably I overlooked good old * because it's so simple and standard 
that it isn't among the buttons provided on the Advanced Search 
dialogue.  Thanks.

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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