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Re: [StrongED] search mystery -- alpha vs anychar

Jim Nagel, on 22 Dec, wrote:

> David Pitt  wrote on 22 Dec:
> > Clues, brackets and spaces. {AD}+ [{" "} "(" {AD} ")"]  ":" \n Oh what
> > fun!
> Thanks.  I see that that, in effect, extends the predefined set {AD} to
> include space and the openparenth and closeparenth characters.
> But I still don't see why the predefined set {.} failed.  I thought it
> meant "all characters except newline", and that that would have suited my
> purpose OK.

The catch 22 thing is that {.} also hoovers up the ":". 

{.} is everything up to the newline character, trying to include a further
character in the search is simply a logical impossibility.

This search demonstrates {.} doing its stuff. 

\n\n {.}+  \n

See the help, Advanced search: Any,

David Pitt

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