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Re: [StrongED] search mystery -- alpha vs anychar

Jim Nagel, on 22 Dec, wrote:

> I'm trying to manipulate the text of a panto script, and need to find all
> the single lines of text such as these --
>      Dick:
>      Mother (annoyed):
> -- in order to apply styles etc to them.
> Something foxes me in StrongEd's advanced search-and-replace syntax. (Oh,
> yes it does).
> \n\n {AD}+ ":" This expression in the Search field works -- it finds all
> lines like
>      Mother:
> but it misses lines such as
>      Mother (surly):

A festive conundrum, how jolly!

Clues, brackets and spaces.

{AD}+ [{" "} "(" {AD} ")"]  ":" \n

Oh what fun!

And there's more, the detailed research into this matter broke StrongED's

Using StrongED 4.70a11's Help clicking on [x] on "Overview of search syntax"
  gives a page missing error, which started off as being garbled but is now
showing the full result.

This file :-

this line :-
<[x]=>!ref_as_constructs.optional>	Optional.

the file 'Optional' is missing from here :-

It is not present in StrongED 4.69f9u2 either.

I did manage to grab the garbled message from 4.69 using !Transfer2 :-

Object '!ref_as_î—' not found in 'StrongED'.

(The top bit characters are rather loosely interpreted.)

Merry Christmas.
David Pitt

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