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[StrongED] search mystery -- alpha vs anychar

I'm trying to manipulate the text of a panto script, and need to find 
all the single lines of text such as these --
     Mother (annoyed):
-- in order to apply styles etc to them.

Something foxes me in StrongEd's advanced search-and-replace syntax.  
(Oh, yes it does).

\n\n {AD}+ ":"
This expression in the Search field works -- it finds all lines like
but it misses lines such as
     Mother (surly):

\n\n {.}+ ":"
I can't understand why this nearly identical expression in the Search 
field fails -- it finds nothing at all. I expected it to find the 
lines containing parentheseses in addition to the pure-alphabet lines 
that the first expression found.

Using StrongEd 4.69f0 on Armini with Ro5.22

An excerpt from the script is here if anybody wants to 'vestigate (and 
groan at bad jokes):  www.abbeypress.net/TEMP/pantosample.txt
(PS:  I'm not the author!)

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk
   Abbey Press   32 Norbins Rd        (01458) 83 3603
   Glastonbury   BA6 9JG         pocket 0797 415 3861

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