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Re: [StrongED] put-on-clipboard routine

In message <e21decec55.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Steve Fryatt  wrote on 11 Dec:
> > Is Boot:Tasks the correct place for it? I'd have thought that
> > System:Modules and load on demand would be safer and less likely to
> > cause confusion in future?
> My thinking was that putting it in Boot:Tasks would remind me that 
> it's there by my own meddling, if in future Rool includes it in an 
> official version.

I've a different approach to that. Next to !Boot there's a pseudo app
called !UserBoot that contains additional things that I want to be run
at boot (eg IcnClpBrd, SmartOpenDir).

It also contains some large directories that I don't want in Boot such
as NewsDir and Transient's temporary directory.

UserBoot has been added to Boot -> Run so it's run on start-up but can
be easily removed when required. The only other thing that's run at boot
is StrongMen which contains a link to an obey file that starts all the
apps that I normally run.

An advantage of doing things this way is that it's easy to start without
much stuff being run, very useful when you need to do some bug hunting.


StrongED Developer

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