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Re: [StrongED] put-on-clipboard routine

On 10 Dec, Jim Nagel wrote in message

> I'll have to revisit that version of my script (which was written for me
> by Julian Fry) to see how he did it.  Ah: his script calls a little Basic
> prog that uses   SYS "Clipboardholder_copy",0,&FFF,A%,L% (where the
> arguments A$ and L% are set by previous lines, but I dunno wht the 0 and
> &FFF are).
> Your assembler in the file !Minitime.Source.Taskpart uses SWI &6E000 for
> Clipboard_put, if I understand aright.  So could I adapt Julian's Ro4
> routine to use  "Clipboard_put"  by name rather than SWI number? Can't
> find any specs for it in the Stronghelp manuals supplied with ArmX6 that
> cover a lot of other SWIs.

I notice that you've applied your usual trick of flattening camel-case in
the SWI names. SWIs are case sensitive, so you'll get "SWI name not known"
if you don't use exactly the case prescribed by the module developer[1].

1. Also, this is invariably following the standard laid down by Acorn. Being
universal, there's no need to look up the case for each SWI one types, which
saves time[2]. Please don't suggest changing it.

2. Apart from the couple of OS SWIs where Acorn didn't follow their own
convention. Fortunately, these are memorable enough that I can always
remember that I need to look them up.

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England


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