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Re: [StrongED] / Tabs

Fred Graute  wrote on 11 Dec:

>> [Jim:] ... you supplied the module Tabs alongside Clipboard.  Now I'm
>> curious about what Tabs does.  It has no help string.  I see it's by
>> Rik Griffin, 2004-11.  Like Clipboard, it apparently does not come as
>> part of Rool's Ro5.23.

> It provides the ability to create various sub-windows that are
> accessed by their tab. It is used in MiniTime's choices window, and
> also in some of my other software as I find it very convenient to use.

Ah, yes, nice: tabs like a recipe book or a library card-index, rather 
than in the typewriter sense of pre-set columns.

Aesthetically and logically, I wish that tabbed dialogues like this 
were standard in RiscOS.  Our more common design (mis)uses radio 
buttons in a strange unintuitive way to mean tabs.  The only other 
apps I can think of that use proper tabs are those by Paul Reuvers, 
such as !Confix.  (He too is Dutch!)  Should be in the style guide.

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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