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Re: [StrongED] put-on-clipboard routine

In message <d187c9ec55.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for the notes about the Clipboard module, Fred.  I'll have a go 
> with that in my Datapower script and report back eventually.

Please do, I'm curious to see if it works. Should do but it'd be nice to
see it confirmed.

> Fred Graute  wrote on 10 Dec:
> > MiniTime contains a copy of the Clipboard module to make sure it works.
> I hadn't spotted the copy of the module supplied within !Minitime.  
> Have put a copy into Boot.Tasks pending its eventual inclusion in the 
> Rool roms.
> Spotted that you supplied the module Tabs alongside Clipboard.  Now 
> I'm curious about what Tabs does.  It has no help string.  I see it's 
> by Rik Griffin, 2004-11.  Like Clipboard, it apparently does not come 
> as part of Rool's Ro5.23.

It provides the ability to create various sub-windows that are accessed
by their tab. It is used in MiniTime's choices window, and also in some
of my other software as I find it very convenient to use.


StrongED Developer

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