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Re: [StrongED] put-on-clipboard routine

Thanks for the notes about the Clipboard module, Fred.  I'll have a go 
with that in my Datapower script and report back eventually.

Fred Graute  wrote on 10 Dec:
> MiniTime contains a copy of the Clipboard module to make sure it works.

I hadn't spotted the copy of the module supplied within !Minitime.  
Have put a copy into Boot.Tasks pending its eventual inclusion in the 
Rool roms.

Spotted that you supplied the module Tabs alongside Clipboard.  Now 
I'm curious about what Tabs does.  It has no help string.  I see it's 
by Rik Griffin, 2004-11.  Like Clipboard, it apparently does not come 
as part of Rool's Ro5.23.

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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