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Re: [StrongED] put-on-clipboard routine

In message <bce051ec55.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Fred Graute  wrote on 10 Dec:
> > This suggests that your script was able to call SWIs so it could be
> > changed to work with the Clipboard module, which also provides SWIs
> > for copying and pasting: Clipboard_Put and Clipboard_Get.
> I'll have to revisit that version of my script (which was written for 
> me by Julian Fry) to see how he did it.  Ah: his script calls a little 
> Basic prog that uses   SYS "Clipboardholder_copy",0,&FFF,A%,L%   
> (where the arguments A$ and L% are set by previous lines, but I dunno 
> wht the 0 and &FFF are).

  r0 = 0     type of operation (0 = memory copy, 1 = file copy)
  r1 = &FFF  filetype of data (text)
  r2 = A%    pointer to data
  r3 = L%    length of data

> Your assembler in the file !Minitime.Source.Taskpart uses SWI &6E000
> for Clipboard_put, if I understand aright.  So could I adapt Julian's 
> Ro4 routine to use  "Clipboard_put"  by name rather than SWI number?  
> Can't find any specs for it in the Stronghelp manuals supplied with 
> ArmX6 that cover a lot of other SWIs.

Yes, however the parameters to use are different:

  r0 = flags (0)
  r1 = filetype of data (&FFF)
  r2 = pointer to data  (A%)
  r3 = length of data   (L%)
  r4 = pointer to proposed leafname ("ClipData" +CHR$0)
  r5 = my_ref of Message_PutRequest if reply, 0 otherwise (0)

If you use the values in brackets then it should work. You can use
either the SWI name or number as the module must be loaded. I used the
SWI number so that MiniTime builds even when the Clipboard module is not

> >> [Jim wrote:] Any chance, Fred, that your put-on-the-clipboard
> >> technique could be added to the next OS version from Rool?  Or
> >> published as a library module or something?
> > The Clipboard module is already part of the ROOL sources. However it's
> > no longer available for download nor is it in any of the downloadable
> > source archives. My request for it to be made part of the ROM image
> > was denied.
> I'm confused.  Are you saying this clipboard module (or at any rate, 
> functionality) is or is not there within the Ro 5.23 that I have on 
> this ArmX6 and 5.22 on the Armini?

No, I said the module is part of the RO5 _sources_ it's not included in
any of the ROM images that ROOL distribute.

> I take it that if Minitime is to work, it must be there.

MiniTime contains a copy of the Clipboard module to make sure it works.


StrongED Developer

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