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[StrongED] MiniTime 1.04 available

Hi All,

Version 1.04 of MiniTime is now available for download from

MiniTime is a small application that displays the date/time in a small
icon or window. It was written as a replacement for SmallTime which does
the same thing but doesn?t run on modern hardware and the licence
doesn?t allow for altered versions to be distributed.

The main new feature in this release is the addition of a simple
calendar (opened by an Adjust click on the MiniTime window/icon). The
colours and a few aspects of the calendar, such as first day of the
week, are configurable.

Clicking on a day number in the calendar will export the date in a
configurable format. A Shift-click inserts the date at the cursor, while
a Ctrl-click copies the date to the global clipboard.

Further changes in this version are:

 - Added a 'Save & Apply' button to the Choices window.

 - Apply button in Choices window no longer saves the settings.

 - Adjust click on the cancel button now resets the Choices window.

 - Change pointer when over a colour field to show it's clickable.

MiniTime can be freely distributed under the 3-clause BSD licence, and
comes with the source included. As always all feedback is welcome.


StrongED Developer

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