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[StrongED] Re: The F4 find box

In article <284e2de255.Iyonix@-.->, Ron <gettingchoppy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is it/would it be possible to drag text to the F4 find box? Ideally
> Netsurf would allow you to view the source of a selection, however you
> only get the full web page source to search.

Let me get this straight. You are making a selection in NetSurf, viewing
source and seeing the whole file? Then in StrongED you want to easily
jump to the selected text?

Select the text in NetSurf, <Ctrl>C, View Source, f4, <Ctrl>V

Seems to work here. You may need a module which makes the use of the
global clipboard possible.

> Observing the source of riscosopen forum would be helpful to show how
> to do textile (with the actual example) and it would be good to speed
> this function up a little.

Sorry, I don't understand that.

Tim Hill

web sites * multimedia * training

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