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Re: [StrongED] Modewhen files

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Are the "Rules Include" and "match" critia OR or AND?
> I get an RSS feed, which was never opened in News Mode, even though they
> have From lines, which I though should have selected News. 
> I had to add the Include rule
>   fff,**.RSS

The rules are AND, filetype and path are checked first. If they match
then the match expression is used to search the first 1k of the file.
If that matches too then the mode is used.

If the RSS files aren't loaded into News mode then they must fail to
match the expression for some reason. Maybe the 'From:' isn't at the
start of the line, or the trailing ':' is missing, or it's outside the
first 1k of the file.

If the RSS file does meet all the criteria then something seems to be
wrong. In that case I'd appreciate a copy of such a file to test with.


StrongED Developer

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