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Re: [StrongED] StrongEd unusable!

In article <55df58c7c7Lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Richard Torrens (lists)
<Lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have a huge problem. I was using 4.70a9. It was fine, with only
> an occasional wrinkle. But then it crashed when closing a window.

> So I reverted to 4.69. Same problem! I tried 4.70a11 - this also
> crashed whenm closing a window. But I had copied over some modes.

> I have done the obvious things, like resetting (many times),
> swiching off for several minutes and even loading a saved CMOS.

> I have now just downloaded and installed a completely fresh
> !StrongED, !StrED_cfg and modes. 4.70a11. I still get the same
> error on closing a window and "Describe" usually gives "Abort on
> data transfer" &202E165C

Conceivable there is corruption in the Boot Scrap Directory. Open it
and remove StrongED directory to a temporary directory on your hard
disc and try to run StrongED again.


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