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[StrongED] StrongHelp 2.88 available

Hi All,

StrongHelp 2.88 is now available for download from:

Changes from 2.87

This version fixes a few more ARMv7 issues. Searching manuals is now
fully functional again. Creating a new manual and copying files to it
could abort under certain circumstances, this too has been fixed.

Deleting a large set of files (> 20) did not work correctly, some files
were not deleted. The cause was how files were enumerated, it continued
at the wrong point. The enumeration scheme has been changed to stop this
from happening.

Re-ordered the items in iconbar menu so that they are in a more logical
order (IMO). Added a 'help...' item to be style guide compliant and to
make the manual is easier to find.

The *commands 'StrongHelp' and 'StrongCreate' have been renamed to
'StrongHelp_Lookup' and 'StrongHelp_Create' respectively to make the
naming of *commands consistent. Aliases are set up for the old *commands
so that programs that use them continue to work.

Created a new *command 'StrongHelp_Install' to allow manuals to be added
to Temporaries, ready for lookups, without having to open the manual.

When saving a file to a manual, make sure the leafname doesn't contain a
dot otherwise you may end up with a page that can't be opened later on.

A simple scroll request handler has been added so that long pages can be
scrolled using the mouse wheel (on RISC OS 5).

Manual said that the Table page command would assume 'Columns' when no
parameter was given but in fact it defaulted to 'Lines'. Changed code to
match the manual.

26-bit !Pre files

Although StrongHelp itself has been updated to run on modern CPUs, a
number of manuals still contain a 26-bit !Pre file. !Pre files are used
to assist with keyword lookups, eg by stripping the leading 'X' from SWI

A 26-bit !Pre file can cause an abort on modern CPUs depending on how
tolerant it is of deprecated instructions. The ARMiniX seems to be okay
with it but the RPi 3 definitely is not.

If you do get an abort when performing a lookup (iconbar menu or F1 in
StrongED / c-H in Zap) then it's most likely down to a 26-bit !Pre file.
You'll need to find it and replace it with a 26/32-bit neutral version.

Included is an updated !Pre file for use in manuals that document SWIs.
Please be sure to read the ReadMe in the Pre-files first.

As always, all feedback is welcome.


StrongED Developer

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