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[StrongED] Transient 2.08c available

Hi All,

Transient 2.08c (test) is now available for download from:

This third test version of Transient 2.08 handles selections dragged to
it from a Filer window better. Previously a FilerAction task would be
started for each dragged object. This could result in many FilerAction
tasks which slowed things down quite a bit.

In this version the selected objects are collected and when all are
received a single FilerAction task is started for all of them. Now
dragging a selection to Transient is almost as fast a dragging to
another Filer window.

Behind the scenes things had to chance to allow for this. FilerAction
tasks can have only one destination directory so Transient's filtering
to different users is a problem.

The problem was solved by having FilerAction copy/move the objects to an
intermediate directory. After it's finished, the objects are filtered to
the various user directories.

The end result is that drags to Transient's iconbar icon are faster and
now work very similar to how trapped deletions are handled.

It should be save to drop v2.08c over v2.08b without losing the restore
data but I'd advise to create a backup of v2.08b first.


StrongED Developer

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