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Re: [StrongED] Taskwindow/BASIC delete

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          Ron <gettingchoppy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi, I'm currently using 4.69f9 in RO 5.22(Iyonix)
> Using BASIC PRINT you cannot delete the first column.

That's how it was in pre 4.67 versions but I changed it because it could
cause the prompt to be deleted under some circumstances (IIRC - this was
over a decade ago). The old code is still in there (commented out) so it
could be changed back easily.

> A related problem in this area is wether a (8) or (127) /from/
> column one should take you to the end of the previous line.
> Possibly should if it is a wrapped string (no nl) at least.

StrongED uses start and end of textline so I guess it does wrap when in
column 1 (and it's not start of text line).

> I dont really know the working of SE at that level

The source is available. :-)

TaskWindow handling is in the UserMessg file and control codes are dealt
with in the routine TaskCtrl. It shouldn't be too hard to get a basic
understanding of what the code does.

> (deletes)
> Usually VDU 8 is a move left without overstrike/delete, [..]

Yes, and that's how StrongED handles it unlike Edit which treats Delete
and Backspace the same (as the source showed).

  PRINT "ABC" + CHR$(8) + CHR$(8) + "x"
  PRINT "ABC" + CHR$(127) + CHR$(127) + "x"

These should give AxC and Ax respectively. StrongED (& Zap) do it right
but Edit shows Ax for both.


StrongED Developer

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