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[StrongED] Taskwindow/BASIC delete

Hi, I'm currently using 4.69f9 in RO 5.22(Iyonix)
Using BASIC PRINT you cannot delete the first column.

P. "ABC"+CHR$(127)
P. "AB"+CHR$(127)
P. "A"+CHR$(127)
P. "AB"+CHR$(8)
P. "AB"+CHR$(8)+CHR$(127)

(127) either deletes the current char and moves left or deletes the
character to the left of the cursor, until it reaches column one.
A related problem in this area is wether a (8) or (127) /from/
column one should take you to the end of the previous line.
Possibly should if it is a wrapped string (no nl) at least.
I dont really know the working of SE at that level

!Edit and F12 /do/ delete column one in the expected way.

Interesting, VDU 8 does delete the first column but not VDU 127
VDU 65,127
VDU 65,8

Usually VDU 8 is a move left without overstrike/delete, unlike the
keyboard ^H = <8>, but I wouldn't like to draw conclusions, and hope
the two things are not linked.
Thanks, Ron M.    


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