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Re: [StrongED] filetype &000

On 2016-07-03 11:56, Jim Nagel wrote:
Jeremy Nicoll - ml sed  wrote on 3 Jul:
Do you run !Reporter?   It might be worth having it log all
star-commands, to see if some application is issuing an *unset that's
affecting all the filetype vars.

Not yet actually established that the filetype vars ARE being unset.

I realise... But if something is, without a log of all star commands issued it'd be hard to find the culprit. If it is a consequence of memory corruption then finding out when the vars were last ok, and when they suddenly are not may
also help narrow down the cause.

You might also be able to detect when the problem occurs with (if you use !Alarm or some equivalent) a command run on a timer, very frequently, checking to see that
the vars are still defined.

Indeed, maybe if those vars are getting damaged other ones may be as well. It's ages since I last used RO but the sort of thing I'd consider doing is issuing a *show (for all vars, or maybe just the filetype ones) and redirecting the output to a file, then testing the size of the file, and generate an error message if it falls too low - you'd
have to experiement to see what "too low" is.

If !reporter IS run then simply running eg *show > nul: or *show file* > nul: (if that's the command to redirect output to a null device) might be enough to log when
the show command first hits a problem.

Jeremy Nicoll - my opinions are my own

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