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Re: [StrongED] filetype &000

Fred Graute  wrote on 3 Jul:

> If the error window has a 'Describe' button then you can click on that
> the get more detailed information, which usually includes the abort
> address.

> For more information, open a TaskWindow and enter the command *ShowRegs
> This will output the register values at the time of the crash which can
> be used to try and diagnose the cause.

> Another useful command is *Where which will try to find which module an
> address is in. Not much use for StrongED (not a module) but very handy
> for, say, StrongHelp and other module(task)s.

OK, will try these next time the &000 thing occurs.  Unpredictable 
when that will be:  it goes away after a reboot; haven't ever sussed 
out what triggers it.

> To get errors logged to SysLog you need to have the WimpLog module
> loaded. www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~theom/riscos/othersoft.html

It already runs -- has been in boot sequence for ages.

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