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Re: [StrongED] filetype &000

The "&000" phenomenon happened again just now.

Interestingly, this time I had wanted to save my file with type Obey, 
whereas previous occasions involved type Text.

Today when I noticed that the file landed in the target directory as 
type &000 and length 0, I went to re-save it, typing "obey" in 
StrongEd's save dialogue. (On previous occasions I had typed "fff" as 
second nature, knowing that is the hex code for a Text filetype -- but 
I don't offhand know the hex code for filetype Obey.)

This produced a "StrongEd may have gone wrong" error message. I said 

Now instead of typing anything in the save dialogue's Type field, I 
clicked Menu there -- and again got the "may have gone wrong" message.  
Could this mean StrongEd has internally lost its pointers to some 
table that provides this menu? (Possibly a red herring.)

Before quitting and relaunching StrongEd, I resorted to !Edit and 
re-typed my intended Obey file.  Saved it as text.  Then, in Filer, 
selected the file, clicked Menu, Set type, and typed Obey: "Message 
from Filer: file type is unrecognized".  Looked up hex code for Obey. 
Again did menu, Set type, and typed FEB -- success.

Could this mean there's a bug in the Filer, something along the lines 
of internally losing its pointers to the table that relates textual 
filetypes (e.g. "obey") to their hex codes.

Fred Graute  wrote on 3 May:
> StrongED uses OS_FSControl 18 and 31 to convert hex filetypes to names
> and vice versa. If resolving filetype names to numbers fails in StrongED
> _and_ the Filer then something seems to be wrong with your system. Does
> it affect all filing systems or just a specific one?

Today I tried saving to SDFS, ShareFS, SparkFS and Sunfish window: in 
all cases, filetype names failed to resolve to numbers.  Furthermore, 
filer menu "Set type" failed to recognize filetype names.

> When you enter a filetype name in StrongED's SaveBox does it find the
> corresponding hex number?


> If you enter a hex filetype does the right filetype name appear?


Using StrongEd 4.69f9 (2015dec), Edit 1.73 on Armini with RiscOS 5.22.  
Filer is 2.39 (2014).  I think it's time to reboot.

The same phenomenon occasionally happens on the ArmX6 with 5.23 (and 
methinks I recall it in the days of Iyonix 5.18 and RiscPC 4.39 too).

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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