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[StrongED] Update 2 for StrongED 4.69f9 available

Hi All,

A new StrongED 4.69f9 (30-06-2016) is now available for download:

If you already have StrongED 4.69f9, an update can be found here:

This release fixes a couple of bugs that have been found in the latest
version of 4.69f9 (31-01-2016).

If a List-of-Found was configured to highlight matches in the text then
an abort would occur. This affected LoFs with spelling mistakes mostly
as these have the highlight option on by default.

Also, highlighted matches could fail to redraw correctly under certain
conditions, such as dragging another window over the text.

Attempting to edit BASIC programs that had been compacted often resulted
in a non-working version after saving. StrongED can be configured to add
spaces when detokenising a BASIC file to prevent errors on retokenising.
The option for this is on by default but due to a bug it wasn't being

There have been a few tweaks to the manual as well. A page on displaying
line numbers has been added to the Introduction section. The section on
advanced search has been brought in line with the 4.70 manual. Various
little corrections.

As always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated!


StrongED Developer

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