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Re: [StrongED] filetype &000

Fred Graute  wrote on 3 May:

> In message <99267d7a55.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Some days, whenever I save a file from StrongEd it appears in the
>> directory with filetype &000.  Pain.
>> Haven't managed to suss what causes this.
>> Might well be something with the OS or Filer rather than StrongEd,
>> because sometimes "Set type" from the Filer menu behaves oddly:  if I
>> try to set type to, say, "Text" or "Obey", it fails; but can
>> successfully set type to "&fff" or "&feb" -- which of course translate
>> to Text and Obey.

> StrongED uses OS_FSControl 18 and 31 to convert hex filetypes to names
> and vice versa. If resolving filetype names to numbers fails in
> StrongED _and_ the Filer then something seems to be wrong with your
> system. Does it affect all filing systems or just a specific one?

> When you enter a filetype name in StrongED's SaveBox does it find the
> corresponding hex number? If you enter a hex filetype does the right
> filetype name appear?

As I mentioned in previous post, I luckily saw that my initial save 
from StrongEd resulted in a zero-length file with type &000, whereupon 
I saved again with &000 changed to &fff in the StrongEd dialogue.  
Thank goodness for StrongEd's "history" option on the iconbar. 
Actually that should be "thank Graute"!

StrongEd now is behaving normally, so I can't do the tests Fred 
suggests.  I'm none the wiser about what causes this occasional 
phenomenon.  Has anybody else ever noticed it?

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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