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Re: [StrongED] gawk script fails

On 25 Jun 2016 as I do recall,
          Fred Graute  wrote:

> In message <b379f39455.harriet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Harriet Bazley <harriet.bazley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > On 23 Jun 2016 as I do recall,
> >           Fred Graute  wrote:
> >
> > > In message <3388a69455.harriet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > >           Harriet Bazley <harriet.bazley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > >
> > > > When I attempt to use one of my existing awk scripts via the toolbar icon, I
> > > > get the error "can't open source file <StrongED$Script$Script>" -


> It looks like the error comes from awk. Does the Reporter commands log
> show that awk is being called?

The last set of commands issued come from !ScriptSED.Languages.awk and
include the command "gawk -f <StrongED$Script_Script>
<StrongED$Script_Infile> > <StrongED$Script_Outfile>"

I'm wondering now if some kind of automated UnixLib-type translation is
going on with the parameters to change an underscore for a string sign....

All I can find is the command
Set UnixEnv$gawk$nonametrans ""

> If so, add the following lines to !ScriptSED.languages.awk
>   Do Report <StrongED$Script_Script>
>   Do Report <StrongED$Script_Infile>
>   Do Report <StrongED$Script_Outfile>
> That should show what parameters are being passed to awk.


> Another thing to check is awk itself. There have been a number of ports
> some which are quite old now and may no longer work correctly on modern
> hardware. I tested mawk from PackMan on an ARMiniX and that worked fine.
*gawk --v
GNU Awk 3.1.7.ro1

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