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Re: [StrongED] TaskWindow on ARMX6

In message <9070307255.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>
\nFred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi All,
>It's been reported to me that opening a TaskWindow with StrongED 4.70a9
>on ARMX6 results in an abort (branch through zero). Trying it here on an
>ARMiniX doesn't show any problems even though the processor is very
>similar, both Cortex-A9.
>Has anyone here tried 4.70a9 on ARMX6? if so, where there any problems
>with TaskWindows or anything else?

I've just downloaded 4.70a9 to try it out, and can confirm that I can
replicate the problem.

showregs reports:
Register dump (stored at &2000BE70) is:
R0  = 00000000 R1  = 219F46B4 R2  = 00000000 R3  = 219F4930
R4  = 01C01832 R5  = 00000000 R6  = 00008000 R7  = 00000113
R8  = 0000000A R9  = 00000000 R10 = FA207EEC R11 = 30000744
R12 = 219F43D4 R13 = 219F47D8 R14 = 20000110 R15 = 00000000
Mode USR32 flags set: nzCvqjggggeAift        PSR = 20000110


Philip J. Ludlam

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