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[StrongED] Update for StrongED 4.69f9 available

Hi All,

The StrongED 4.69f9 download has been updated to fix issues found:

If you already have StrongED 4.69f9, an update can be found here:

Apart from fixing a couple of bugs that have been found, some of the
resources have also been updated.

A bug fix to the TaskWindow code accidentally introduced a new bug which
prevented the insertion of strings longer than 32 characters (eg Shift
dragging a file to insert its pathname).

The cursor position on the Infobar wasn't updated when (Ctrl-) Shift
dragging a file to a TaskWindow.

Work on 4.70a10 showed that some of the interactive help messages were
missing or out-of-date. Some of this also applied to 4.69f9 and so the
help messages have been updated.

While testing the updated help messages it was found that menus in
dialogue boxes aborted when Help was active. This too has been fixed.

Saving the contents of an LoF resulted in 2 zero pains on versions of
RISC OS 5 with a relocated zero page.

The Choices item in the iconbar menu had only 2 trailing dots instead of
the usual 3.

The StrongHelp manual still contained a reference to the GPL even though
4.69f9 is released under the BSD licence.

As always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated!


StrongED Developer

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