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Re: [StrongED] ensuring advanced search-and-replace

Fred Graute  wrote on 30 Jan:
> With Keystroke suitably modified it is now possible to force the S&R
> dialogue to 'advanced' mode. Still feels like the long way round though
> as it's much easier to define a toolbar icon / keystroke / menu item in
> StrongED itself.

The phrase "above & beyond" comes to mind!  Thanks, Fred.

Is this revised !Keystroke available somewhere?

I don't think I ever explained the recurrent situation where I have 
been using this keystroke.  It's when viewing an email in MPro after 
saving an attachment off to disc somewhere and then stripping it from 
the email:  I make a habit of inserting a note at the top of the email 
to remind me the location on disc.

So my keystroke does F8 to open the raw email in StrongEd, then 
searches for the two blank lines that mark the end of the headers, 
then inserts "||  " and waits for me to type my reminder.  (The || is 
just my own convention as prefix such notes, because when the textfile 
is saved back, MPro displays the note in red.)

How would I go about defining this (as you suggest) in SE itself 
rather than using Keystroke?  Maybe in a modefile for raw email?

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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