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Re: [StrongED] ensuring advanced search-and-replace

In message <e1be534155.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I use !Keystroke (originally from Quantumsoft) to automate various
> recurrent stuff on textfiles.
> One of my keystrokes calls StrongEd's search-and-replace dialogue to
> search for two newlines in a row.  This of course requires the
> "advanced" rather than "simple" S&R.
> The keystroke definition simulates "s-F4" to open the dialogue box.
> Trouble is that sometimes it opens with "simple" in effect, and other
> times it opens with "advanced" in effect.

What the S&R dialogue box opens with depends on 2 things:

 - The option "Show 'old' text in Search/Replace and LoF dbox"

 - The scope set in Global Choices > Windows > Search & Replace

If the 'Show old' option is on then the dialogue box will open with the
engine used for the last replace. If the option is off, the engine set
in Global Choices will be used.

So, you'd have to set the 'Show old' option off and set the global
engine to 'Advanced'.

Doing it via Keystroke doesn't seem possible. The engine field is a
toggle and you have no way of knowing its current value nor can you set
the value explicitly.


StrongED Developer

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