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[StrongED] suggestion: beep or pink for "search fails"

When I'm typing into the Interactive Search dialogue in StrongEd and 
it is finding only the first part of what i've typed, please could it 
beep to tell me I might as well stop typing.

Sometimes it finds only one or two letters in the text, and it can be 
hard to find the highlighted bit, or even to see what has happened.

A beep would be a welcome clear signal that my search has failed.

The beep idea comes from Impression's "check spelling of current word" 
behaviour, where it simply beeps if the spelling is correct rather 
than waste time opening a dialogue.  It's a distinctive short beep 
used only in that situation.  Have always thought this a nexcellent 
little feature.

An alternative idea for the StrongEd Interactive Search thing could be 
borrowed from Firefox:  if what's typed is not found in the document, 
the background of the search box turns pink.

Just a suggestion.

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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