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Re: [StrongED] StrongHelp 2.88a1 available

In message <c138376686671f575ba54ab203b6df08.squirrel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          pdmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On Wed, November 5, 2014 1:00 pm, Martin Bazley wrote:
> > The following bytes were arranged on 2 Nov 2014 by Fred Graute :
> >
> >> The first alpha release of StrongHelp 2.88 can be found on the website:
> >> http://www.stronged.iconbar.com/archives/misc/sh288a1.zip
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> > Whenever I run it, including after a clean boot, it gives the error:
> >
> > File [...].!StrongHlp.StartUp.AddPtr not found
> >
> > This seems to be a result of the StrongHelp$Dir variable being
> > incorrectly set to point to the StartUp directory, instead of the actual
> > application directory.  This, furthermore, appears to be a result of
> > ResFind being rather overenthusiastic and redefining StrongHelp$Dir to
> > point to Obey$Dir - something it should not be doing - at a point
> > when Obey$Dir has already been redefined,


Yep, found that years ago, you need to set Obey$Dir so it points at the
app dir again before calling ResFind, see the StrongED Run file. I agree
that it should not be doing this, setting App$Dir should be done by the
app's Run file. If it hasn't been set then that's on the author.

> > thanks to the !Run file running the !Boot file which in turn runs
> > the StartUp.AppVars file, which didn't exist in the previous version
> > and has now become the most recent Obey file to have been run.

Add the next line just before the call to ResFind and it should be fine:

  Set Obey$Dir <StrongHelp$Dir>

I have it here in my copy of 2.88a1 so I'm not sure why it's not in the
release version.

> That's ResFind 2.20.
> There is a newer version of ResFind (3.00), available on the GAG downloads
> page http://gag.de/software/index.html. One of the changes is to only set
> the application directory system variable to Obey$Dir if it has not
> already been set. That should address this issue.

Thanks Pete, that's definitely better but I still feel ResFind is doing
too much and the code isn't that optimal. I played around with ResFind a
couple of years ago and ended up with what I think is a better version.
Never bothered to send it to Herbert though.

I'll compare the two versions and see if there's anything I could use to
improve my version.


StrongED Developer

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