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Re: [StrongED] StrongHelp 2.88a1 available

The following bytes were arranged on 2 Nov 2014 by Fred Graute :

> The first alpha release of StrongHelp 2.88 can be found on the website:
> http://www.stronged.iconbar.com/archives/misc/sh288a1.zip


Whenever I run it, including after a clean boot, it gives the error:

File [...].!StrongHlp.StartUp.AddPtr not found

This seems to be a result of the StrongHelp$Dir variable being
incorrectly set to point to the StartUp directory, instead of the actual
application directory.  This, furthermore, appears to be a result of
ResFind being rather overenthusiastic and redefining StrongHelp$Dir to
point to Obey$Dir - something it should not be doing - at a point when
Obey$Dir has already been redefined, thanks to the !Run file running the
!Boot file which in turn runs the StartUp.AppVars file, which didn't
exist in the previous version and has now become the most recent Obey
file to have been run.

Running RISC OS 5.21 (3rd June 2014) on an ARMini.

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