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Re: [StrongED] TaskWindow in StrongEd 4.70a6

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  Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[snip SE 4.70a6 apparently being fine without CallASWI]

>> There is something not right here. 4.70a6 seems to be just fine on both
>> OS4.02 and OS 4.39 without CallASWI.

> SE is calling XOS_HeapSort so it doesn't error but no sorting is done.
> That said, OS4.02 seemed to be happily sorting stuff even though there's
> no OS_HeapSort32. This still baffles me!

I need to be more precise. 'Apparently fine' meant that the Kill All 
worked and everything else I had tried worked. The one thing I had not 
tried was an actual sort. The Kill All bug has clouded the issue.

To sort a text file CallASWI is required on both OS4.02 and OS4.39. 
There is no error without CallASWI, it just does not sort.

[snip Kill All fixed]

> Now to find out which versions of RISC OS have OS_HeapSort32 available
> and load CallASWI 0.03 on versions that don't support it.

Is that not just a simple 26/32bit split. Everything up to and 
including OS4.39 is 26bit without SO_HeapSort32. I think ROL's first 
32bit release for the A9home was OS4.41, the current OS4.42 certainly 
has OS_HeapSort32, RO6 presumably continues this.

Just to be awkward both OS4.49 & OS4.44 return :-
  StrongED$OSVsn(Number) : 400

David Pitt
OS4.39, VRPC, iMac

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