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[StrongED] StrongHelp 2.88a1 available

Hi All,

The first alpha release of StrongHelp 2.88 can be found on the website:

Most changes in this version are bug fixes. The most important is fixing
the deletion of directories. This didn't work correctly due to a design
flaw in the ImageFS, which causes reading filenames from a directory to
fail when objects are deleted (point where to continue is not correct).

To see the effect, copy StrongED's StrongHelp manual to the ramdisc and
open it by Shift-double-click. Then delete !Ref_ and see what happens.

This is changed in 2.88 and now deletions seem to work correctly, but
please try this yourselves and let me know how you get on. Note that the
directory needs to have a large enough amount of items inside it, at
least > 20.

The error handling in the ImageFS was broken (looks like when the code
was 32-bitted). It would return with V-flag set but with R0 from stack,
which is unlikely to point to a valid error block.

When a file is saved its filename was matched to the directories in a
manual as far as possible, the remainder was used as leafname even when
it contained a dot resulting in files that could not be opened.

Fixed another unaligned memory access.

No longer loads the messages file in the wimpslot but uses the RMA so
that the module part can use message tokens as well.

Added a simple scroll request handler to allow pages to be scrolled with
a scrollwheel.


StrongED Developer

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