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[StrongED] TaskWindow in StrongEd 4.70a6


A fresh downloaded version 4.70a6 of StrongEd doesn't have a default
mode TaskWindow. Using ^F12 you get a BaseMode window.

Copying the mode TaskWindow from v4.69 gives error boxes aftyer starting
StrongEd and using ^F12. 3 times continue opens a TaskWindow. Mmore
times ^F12 opens a TaskWindow normally.

Wimp errors:

 Error from StrongED: Internal error: abort on data transfer at &000249F0
 Error from (unknown): Internal error: branch through zero
 Error from (unknown): Internal error: abort on instruction fetch at &1E8039AC

The same in v4.70a5 is OK.

Another small problem:
Modefiles not adapted for bitmap font.  I know what to do but it is
annoying. See error in log StrongEd:

 Unknown bitmap font: 'System' in mode 'Dump'.
 Unknown bitmap font: 'FJG' in mode 'BaseMode'.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Wim Hendriks

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