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Re: [StrongED] StrongED Choices

Tony Baker <Tony.Baker@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> What would interest me would be changes to the Modes system to effectively
> make it upgrade proof.

I doubt that's possible.  The changes that cause problems are, surely, those
that come about because Fred makes architectural changes inside SE.

Otherwise, if one adopts a proper 'professional' approach to making changes
to mode definitions - ie writes notes on what one changes and WHY, one can
rework those changes when a new version comes along...

> The sort of thing I am thinking of is:
>1. Create a new application (eg !StrongMode) to store supplied
>   StrongED modes.
>2. StrongED itself would be supplied with just a single 'base'
>   mode with minimal functionality (probably a lot less than the
>   current Basemode).
>3. All modes to operate in an additive fashion. So when a new mode
>   is selected StrongED would do the following:
>      a) Start with a clean slate
>      b) Apply the settings from it's builtin 'base' mode
>      c) Apply the settings from the supplied Basemode in StrongMode
>      d) Apply the user settings for Basemode from StrED_cfg
>      e) Apply the settings from the new mode in StrongMode
>      f) Apply the user settings for the new mode from StrED_cfg

So a user wanting to develop changes to modes has to look in up to 5
different places to get an understanding of how all the definitions merge

Jeremy C B Nicoll - my opinions are my own.

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