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Re: [StrongED] Question about StrongEdII v1.20

In message <e39ee65d54.Iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Ron <iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have just changed my Taskwindow modefile like this.
> (tab)Delete(tabtab)DeleteRight   
> (was ToTask)

Oops, and that turns out to be affecting the screen only,
(after entering the line, the characters are still sent)

A working way is like this:


I have already been using this method to get the
arrow key functions through unixlib termios as the
single byte control characters.	


This lets ported apps using libreadline have their
editting features. There may be more tuning to do.

before I set it in my termmios.h I was using


Thanks, Ron (again)

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