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Re: [StrongED] block editing in overwrite mode

In message <e9aed75d54.wim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Wim Hendriks <waj.hendriks@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Since version 4.70a5 of StrongEd, block editing of more then one
> textlines is different w.r.t 4.69f6. Typing in overwrite mode doesn't
> place the cursor to the next column. If only one textline is marked,
> then the cursor goes to the next character. In 4.69 in both situations
> the cursor goes to the next character.

This is not an intentional change, I think the changes made to speed up
block editing has caused this. I'll need to have a look at why this is,
and have a more general look the new block edit for the reason below.

The changes do speed up block editing a large block with few other texts
loaded but result in a delay when there are many texts loaded and you
happen to block edit in a text that's near the bottom of the flexheap.


StrongED Developer

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